Hello, and welcome. 
I hope you will enjoy viewing my beautiful loving family dogs.  We have been breeding AKC Cocker Spaniels and 1st Gen Cockapoo puppies, as a hobby for 10+ years.  I added Mini Doodles last year and Love these mini teddy bears as well!

Please click on the page links above to see AKC Cocker Spaniel pups, 1st Generation Cockapoos pups and now Mini Doodles. (Lab and Golden)
These mini Doodles will be mostly Poodle and a little Golden or Lab.  Dads are AKC Mini Poodles and Moms are F1b Golden/Labradoodles.
 Pups are F1bb. Moms are only 25 and 32lbs!  Labradoodle, Penny(25), breeds with a 17lbs Chocolate parti poodle, we get chocolate and black. Ginger(32) bred with 6lbs Kuma, we get red!  Check out the Doodle page for more information.

​My Cocker Spaniel girls are all AKC registered, have been genetically health tested, beloved pets and their puppies are well socialized in the house and yard with my 4 kids, aged 25 down to 15yrs old. Granddaughter, who also lives here, is now 5!
 Boy, does she love to play with the pups. Between their friends and my kids, the pups are WELL socialized to Children!!!!  They love pups, don't we all!! 

I have always loved animals and dogs in particular.  I really love the sweet and loyal Cocker Spaniel. 
 I also love the many colors available.  But my favorite is Chocolate and the Merle.  So I have selected to breed for health, personality and color. ​

Also, there is a big interest in Mini Doodles, so I'm making some smaller curlier, red, black and chocolate teddy bears that aren't the Cockapoos but from the beloved  Labrador and Golden Retriever breeds. They mature to 15-25lbs, depending on the pup.

Welcome to The Homestead! 
       Would you like to see some beautiful pups?
   We are located in Sunny Northern            California, Sacramento area

09/18/20     Update,
 There are No pups, available at this time. 
But, we are expecting the next batch of Cockers in Spring 2021.
Mini Doodles: Penny is due late October, for Mini Labradoodles.
Cockapoos: Hoping Daphne will produce this cycle, if so, we expect 2 litters of cinnamon pups to be born in November.
 Stay Tuned.....