Mom, Lucy and Chloe
Past Litters- 2nd generation
Tobi is a 16lbs AKC Red Poodle
These pups come with a 1 Year health guarantee, first shots and dewormed.  They will be so well socialized to other dogs and kids!!!!!!!
Wini's kids 

          First Generation Cockapoos                         Plan for 2020
            I'll have only 2 litters of gorgeous teddy bear, pups, 
        Cockapoos, a year.

              Daphne, will hopefully go into heat this fall, Sept-Oct. Then bred with 6pd Kuma, with pups to be born in Dec, go home Feb.

              Cookiewill breed with Deus, this coming winter. Stay tuned. Last litter, there were 4 gorgeous chocolate parti boy Cockapoos. 


                     Pricing is $1250 for girl or boy.
                           Tails will be left long.
                      Dewclaws will be removed. 

$400 refundable deposit will be collected after pups are born and will reserve your puppy, Usually at 3 weeks old. The remaining $850 will be collected when you pick up your pup.

Moms have an average of 6 puppies. I'm small hobby breeder and prefer to stay small to better ensure good quality, socialized and healthy pups.  

I will keep your email sent to:
For my waiting list........it goes in order of contact date.
I will contact you after the pups are born.
If interested, 
please put in the subject line what you would like, sex and color.

So, you can watch this page and if a pup becomes available and no one on my wait list wants, I'll advertise here.

Thank you for your patience.  I prefer to stay small/hobby so these pups get lots of attention and well socialized, for a well rounded pet and family member!!! 
Cece's previous pups with Tobi
Deus and Chai--Pups
Chai and Tobi's 2 litters
Cookie is a gorgeous buff and white girl with blue eyes!  She is taking over Cece's spot.  She produces yummy chocolate parti pups with Deus.
First Generation Cockapoos
Thank you for your Patience!!
can NOT take anymore names!!! 
 I have a very LONG waitlist of eager people that are waiting for a Cockapoo puppy. 
I have raised my Price, so, I will be contacting you to confirm if you are still looking for a pup.
Daphne and Tobi/Kuma pups
Solid Cinnamon
Daphne is a petite Cocker, only 18 lbs
She makes solid Cinnamon pups
Update........... I have 150+ emails that I haven't responded to yet..........for pups born this spring, and instead of 3 full litters,
I had only 2 litters, total of 10 pups! And only one girl!?!?