These pups will be well socialized, in the house/puppy barn  and raised underfoot!!  My 3 year old Granddaughter and youngest boy of my 4 kids, love to interact with the puppies to get them used to children and my dogs play with them!!!!!
It is time!!! Penny is due with Deus, the end of March. Pups will be ?color? but grow to be 20-25lbs max.  These pups will be mostly Poodle with a little Lab mixed in. Ginger should be going into heat in the next couple months and we will breed her for Mini Doodles. The puppies will be mostly poodle with a small mix of Golden in them.  
Both my F1b girls have Tobi as their Sire!!! Penny has been bred to Deus (Chocolate/white) AKC Poodle. She is due the end of March. Ginger will be bred to Kuma, AKC Toy Poodle red.
We aim to make smaller fluffier Doodles......Approx 25-30lbs. With Deus, 17 pds Chocolate/white parti, AKC mini poodle, we are hoping for fluffy red, creme and chocolates with white .. early summer 19  Stay tuned.
Introducing Deus!!!
Sweet Chocolate and White AKC parti minature Poodle
He is 17 pds. Both parents are toys.
 Ginger, who is a F1b Goldendoodle, and Penny F1b Labradoodle to be bred to Deus.     Tobi is their Dad!!! 
We will call the puppies, Mini Doodles.  Mostly poodle and only 20-30 lbs 
Chewy, Penny's mom
Tobi, father to both my girls-AKC red mini Poodle, 16 pds
Great calm personality
These are Chewy/Tobi F1b Labradoodles
Ginger as a puppy